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Our Marketing

Selling your property means carefully planning advertising, marketing, and public relations.

Our goal is to accurately disseminate the right information to the right target audience through local forums, significant print, broadcast, and interactive social media platforms.

All while maintaining cost-effective stewardship with the aim of not losing the tailor-made feel.

Selling your property need not be a stressful event; we work collaboratively with our vendors to provide a memorable experience worth signing from the rooftops.

Experts In Pricing

At P.W.N Property Solutions, we share your goal of achieving a maximum possible price for your property and selling it quickly and efficiently.

We leverage some of the largest databases regarding prices and sales information available in the local market.

We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate in customer service. To this end, we partner with various organizations that enable us to deliver on our exceptional customer service doctrine

Our Financing Partner

Our financing partner knows that everybody wants a secure future for their family; children, grandkids, and loved ones. We all live in the hope of a better tomorrow.

A better tomorrow means securing a bright future, an investment or an owner-occupier asset is the best way to do so.The 108 Finance Group is decisive and determined for you to accomplish your dreams, whatever the circumstances. Your prosperity is our achievement.


What They Say

Brisbane City

“I found Paul to be very quick to learn and very honest too. He was quick to advise that his team was an asset management outfit but would be happy to sell my unit. I was impressed at the speed at which the whole team kept up with major conglomerates .”

Logan City

” I felt secure knowing that they had managed my unit so well. when it was time to sell the choice was easy.”

Ipswich City

” If I could revisit the sale of my house again, I would choose this team over again, well-done team PWN, well done”


Summary Points


Fixed $15 ‘ 000 Commission 


  • Professional Marketing Campaign 
  • Conveyancing  Management 
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Access to discount management            for investment asset purchase 



Obligation-free meet and greet